• Believe. Trust.

    Believe. Trust.

    It’s early today. It’s 4:55 AM and I thought why not write something. Write something not knowing what is a beautiful place to be because you aren’t sure where you will end up. But isn’t that life every single day? You aren’t sure where you will be at the end of the day. You do […]

  • To Love,

    To Love,

    What is the love that is not dependent on thoughts and feelings? That is not validated by thoughts and feelings? Is there such a Love? In today’s recorded session that my teacher sent us, this was one of the most important question. He kept asking us this question. He’s traveling and so decided to send […]

  • A conversation between me and me

    A conversation between me and me

    Are you carrying something? No, I am not. Check again. Are you carrying something? Okay. Fine. Yes, I am. I am carrying this heavy burden. It’s hurting me so much that I have lost the feeling of fully feeling the pain. I am numb today. So numb. Someone pinch me. Someone poke me. I can’t […]